Wellness Moment: Julie Pointer Adams, Author, Art Director & Stylist


Do you have a favorite morning ritual? 

My mornings are generally rather hectic just trying to make food and coffee and helping
my husband get out the door (and tidying up our teeny-tiny house in the whirlwind
aftermath), but my favorite morning moments are when I give myself a bit of time to
breathe before the day begins. This usually involves sitting with something warm to
drink, picking out a short daily reading to start the day on a positive note, and spending
some time with my journal. If I’m feeling really cozy I’ll light a candle or two.


Do you have any qualifications for what you bring into your life? 
Although I’m as guilty as the rest in occasionally giving in to purchasing things for
instant gratification, I try to think about the long game with everything I bring into our
home. This means I am continually trying to be as mindful as possible about the goods I
buy, whether that’s clothing, furniture, linens, apothecary items or special knickknacks.
My intention is to purchase things that I know are going to be timeless in the sense that
they will last a long time and get better with age, but also that they aren’t just part of a
passing craze or trendy phase. Combining beauty and utility is always the best go-to
policy! I also do my best (as much as I’m able based on availability, finances, etc.) to buy
things that not only benefit me in the short run, but also support the earth and support
someone else’s healthy livelihood.

We believe that wellness is all about balance. Favorite indulgences? 
I tend not to think of too much that I do about indulgence but simply the healthy
pleasures of life! Things that might fall into that category would be copious amounts of
lazy sunbathing, ice cream, dark chocolate with hazelnuts, wearing perfume everyday,
Friday night pizza nights with my husband, reading in bed for hours on Saturday
mornings, and (almost) always making time for Sunday lunch with my family and a
round of tennis.

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