Daily Rituals: Winter Skin Routine

Wild Poppy Goods

Skin is your body’s largest organ and what you put onto your body goes into your body. Show your skin some love by making sure what you put on it is natural and safe. Over the years I’ve discovered I am not into having a million products in my medicine cabinet, mostly because my tiny bathroom has taught me to pair down the essentials, but also because it makes life so much simpler. I no longer have to rifle through three different types of lip balm to find the perfect one, nor do I have three bottles of lotion that I hardly use because they just don’t do anything. 

Here is my current winter skin routine: 

DRY BRUSHING | Super, super important during these dry, chilly days! Dry brushing increases blood circulation, removes dead skin cells, and gives you a super nice exfoliation. Start from your feet up and work in a circular motion towards your heart. 

SOAKING | Being in a super hot bath just makes my winter fatigued heart happy. My current favorite bath soak is the Soothing Milk Bath by Palermo — it is soothing, gentle, and makes your skin feel like a baby. 

OIL UP | I love body oil, but I find that many don’t absorb well and make a mess. Clary Collection to the rescue! As soon as I get out of the bath I slather some on and it absorbs super quickly. 

FACE IT | Don’t forget about your face! I love Palermo's line for anything face related. A few spritz of their Hydrating Facial Toner soothes irritated skin and gives you the perfect glow.