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What are some of your favorite daily ritual?

Making a tonic.  I love to pick the adaptogens and mix in other ingredients.  It's such a warming, nourishing ritual.  Also, I make herbal infusions daily, and while the process is so simple and not at all creative, it's something I count on doing, which is grounding.  I walk my sweet dog Joni every afternoon, and this is my all-time favorite ritual.  We get to experience the canyon views, and they are spectacular.

How do you reconnect with yourself after a long day? 

With my breath.  I love doing breathwork meditations led by Fields of Study from the comfort of my own space.  It's a beautiful way to release stale/stuck energy in the body, and I always find I sleep more soundly when I do this.  Also, cooking a fresh meal alone while listening to music is one of my favorite ways to decompress and ground myself in the evening.  There's something about the fluidity of cooking that is very meditative for me.  It's an unpredictable practice where I have to improvise, so it keeps my mind from intellectualizing topics that don't need to be entertained.  In simpler terms - it connects me with my intuition.

We believe that wellness is all about balance. Favorite indulgences? 

So many!  My mornings are usually indulgent and long.  I make sure to ground myself before starting my work day.  I also have some form of dessert/chocolate every day.  I don't eat processed sugar, so I never feel guilty or physically drained from this type of indulgence.  Lately, I've been getting pints (no joke) of Kippy's ice cream.  I am obsessed.  I try 4-5 flavors every time, but I always end up getting the same vanilla cappuccino flavor (it's free of caffeine).  

You explore the relationship we have with the objects we surround ourselves with on your site Object & Us. What are your qualifications for what you choose to bring into your life? (Whether it be your home, closet, relationships, metaphysical etc). 

Anything I bring into my life has to resonate with me and feed my inner self.  This can be as simple as "I love it so much, and it brings me authentic joy."  I typically only buy from independent brands/artists and items that are produced and made ethically/with consideration to the environment.  This is in line with my model of consuming less, and when consuming, doing so mindfully.  Of course, I have to be in reality with where I am financially.  For me, that often means not purchasing, as opposed to buying something cheap but not in alignment.  After living out of a suitcase and without a home for a year, I realized how little I truly need.  For relationships, I only want to surround myself with people who make myself and others feel good.  People who are uplifting, loving, and inspiring.  When I attract co-dependent relationships of any kind, I set major boundaries.  I need a lot of freedom, and I cannot compromise that for anyone's needs.  This is a lesson I keep learning/expanding upon.  As far as the metaphysical - these things pop into my life in all forms.  Lately, I've been encountering many difficult circumstances have been pushing me to grow.  What I can do is choose how I react.  To surrender to what is.  To turn inward.  To ground.

Images courtesy of Paige, first image by Claire Cottrell 

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