Maker Interview with Kristine Claghorn of Claggie


Hi Kristine! Could you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do? 

Hello! My name is Kristine, but my friends call me “Claggie.” I’m a creative producer at a marketing agency by day and a watercolor painter/fragrance maker by night! I’ve also been learning to shoot and edit video and that’s been really fun. I’m a huge space nerd, which is what inspires my paintings (the moon also lives on the label of my fragrances). 

What led you to create your own fragrance line? 

My mom! She’s always had an interest in essential oils and their benefits. A couple years ago I was visiting over the holidays and decided to experiment with different mixtures of the essential oils she had on hand. It was a snowy day and we just wanted to stay inside! That’s where I created my first personal scent, which is fragrance 01 in my collection.

Could you tell us a bit about the benefits of using a fragrance made with essential oil? 

Personally, I’m very sensitive to strong smells and am prone to migraines, which is why I started to create these fragrances for myself. With a fragrance using a blend of essential oils, you don’t have to commit to the smell for eight hours of your day. You can put it on when you’re in the mood and not worry about getting sick of it later in the day (or getting a headache).  

I also love the fact that essential oils have their own benefits. Lavender really helps me wind down after a long day. I also use peppermint to help with tension headaches! You can get lost doing research on these for hours. 

What is your all time favorite scent? 

Since I’ve been out in LA, I’d say it’s a tie between palo santo and black pepper. On morning hikes, I frequently stop to smell the pepper trees. I love the kick that comes with it! Palo Santo is so calming and it’s become a comforting scent that I smell all over the city (and in my home). I also grew up in the middle of the woods, so the smell of pine, cedar, spruce… those all get me. That’s one reason why Yosemite is a favorite place of mine.   

Do you have any favorite rituals you incorporate in your daily life? 
I love to start the day off with a hot beverage (ginger tea or a chicory blend), music, and a light breakfast. Starting my day off with a routine really helps me get the day going on a positive note. It also always includes cuddling my sweet kitten (and boyfriend, of course). I don’t think she’d let me start the day without it!