Wellness Moment with Beth Kirby, Local Milk


What is your favorite daily ritual? 

My favorite daily ritual is sitting with my smokey citrine crystal, an adaptogenic matcha latte made with homemade coconut milk, lighting a candle, and setting my intentions for the day during meditation. Either that or making my bed! Making my bed makes me feel so calm about the day, like I'm already succeeding.

We believe that wellness is all about balance. Favorite indulgences? 

Netflix, for one. We just started watching this Japanese reality show called "Terrace House"—it's like the super calm, very Japanese version of MTV's The Real World. I'm addicted. Also pop music. T Swift's "Reputation" is my current guilty pleasure jam. Owning too many hats. Dry shampoo instead of showers. I could go on. 

Our goal is to promote the importance of filling your life with intentionally made goods. Do you have any qualifications for what you bring into your life? (Whether it be your home, closet, bathroom, etc)  

I look for objects that are both beautiful and functional. I'm very, very careful about what I bring into my home, and I give away more than I buy. I always make sure to thoroughly use one thing up before purchasing more. And I'm very Marie Kondo about it all—the things in my life must spark joy, or it's time for them to move on to another home. I look for goods that are sustainably made, and I really love to support small, female run businesses. 


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