Maker Spotlight: Gem & Blue Jewelry

Delicate | Minimal | Understated Statement

"Gem & Blue was created out of the balance of statement & understated. Like a woman who knows her beauty, our pieces aim not scream for attention but rather hold an air of power & confidence in a subtle nature. We mix classic with contemporary, feminine with masculine, & geometric with organic.

Hailing from a background in textiles & metalsmithing, we fell in love with the idea of combining the greater scale of art with the intimacy of jewelry. We are constantly re-thinking, re-imagining, & re-awakening the connection between art, jewelry making, & the choice each person makes to adorn themselves in our gems. Each piece is handcrafted in our Denver, CO studio with only the highest quality & ethically sourced materials. We only create things we feel good about making, & would want to wear ourselves." - GEM BLUE

Taylor KittoComment