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Savannah Watson was inspired to explore a craft she could produce on her own. This decision lead her to jewelry design, launching Merewif in 2012. Meaning “sea witch” in Old English, Watson wanted the name of her line to reflect her endless love of nature’s textures and movements. Primarily self-taught, she credits her success partly to launching her line without industry influence. “The thing I love about running Merewif is that I can indulge a range of other creative interests like graphic and web design, even furniture making for tradeshow displays.”


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Dani Kenney

The DANI KENNEY brand was inspired and created from a place of necessity and love. When Dani became pregnant, she found limited resources for the kind of information and pregnancy-safe products that she sought. There was a lot of conflicting information out there, as well as a plethora of great natural products whose safety during pregnancy was questionable. Because a lot of essential oils and products can be harmful during pregnancy, Dani created a line that does the guess work for you. All of her products that get absorbed into the skin are pregnancy-safe after the first trimester-- and many are safe in all trimesters. She annoyed her friend who is getting her Master's Degree in herbalism, asking her far too many questions, to make sure you get the safest items for pregnancy. Dani aimed to make a brand of natural body products more simplified and more beautiful for mothers everywhere.



Aydry + Co 

Aydry + Co is a LA-based brand that presents handcrafted candles and beauty goods with a sophisticated blend of natural and luxury. The creative director, Japanese born, AYU Carlton' s philosophy; high quality - organic & vegan - modern & minimal - simplicity, reflecting her own formula and design. Her sophisticated sensibility has applied in every step of developing the brand.




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BAGGU is a design driven manufacturer of bags and accessories, known for their clean designs, pop colors, and prints. They are dedicated to providing cool bags that feel good to use.


Swahili Fair Trade

Swahili Fair Trade works hand in hand with talented African artisans and makers to provide the USA with quality, ethically produced goods. Swahili extends each artisan's channel of trade from local markets to the global marketplace, all the while allowing artisans to work from the comfort of their own homes and communities. Secure in the knowledge that the fair payment they receive will not be reduced by traveling expenses, childcare costs and haggled prices, most artisans in the Swahili network promote their family's future by using earnings to put food on the table and pay educational expenses for their children.



Billy and Leah started Baleen in 2013 because they saw something missing -- quality jewelry that is handmade in the United States that is also affordable and fashion-forward. Baleen is all of those things as well as a combination of our passions and talents. 



Founded in 2012, Soko was created by women for women to help "fashion a better world" through the equitable direct trade of beautiful goods between artisans in the developing world and web consumers worldwide.

Handcrafted in Kenya. Purchasing this item helps provide fair wages and benefits for Kenyan artisans in a safe and healthy work environment.




Easy to Breathe

Each piece is carefully hand crafted by Mariana in her Ojai, California studio. Easy To Breathe is driven from a gratification of creating stories + objects and giving them a purpose + function. 
Curated is a collection where visual tales, travel inspiration and
small batch ceramics come together.

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Wooden Spoon Herbs

Wooden Spoon Herbs is a small-batch southern Appalachian apothecary. Rather than tap into the booming global herb trade, where herbs are imported from countless countries and travel countless miles, our products are thoughtfully made with American-grown herbs. Founded by an herbalist, writer, forager, and gardener born & raised in Tennessee, Wooden Spoon Herbs' focus is using traditional Appalachian plants, both wild and cultivated, in global ways.