Citrine Rose Hair Oil

Citrine Rose Hair Oil

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An aromatic formula of plant essences suffused in a trio of beneficial, nutrient-rich oils to prevent split ends, soften and hydrate hair.

Sunflower seed oil is wonderful for hair - extracted from sunflower seeds, it's high in Vitamin E and contains plenty of beneficial vitamins and antioxidants. It is light and quick-absorbing, so it won't leave behind an oily feel in hair.

Jojoba oil is obtained from the nuts of the jojoba plant, it is one of the most precious oils, highly coveted for its likeness to sebum - the oil our skin naturally produces. For this reason, it is beneficial for a wide variety of hair and scalp concerns, including dry and sensitive, inflamed and irritated skin. 

Dispense a few drops into palms and apply to ends of hair. May be applied all over, on damp or dry hair.

1 fl oz
contains 580+ drops

SCENT || Citrine Rose
Subtle and uplifting, a light aromatic blend of refreshing citrus and sweet rose.

Grapeseed oil | Sunflower seed oil | Jojoba oil | Organic rose extract | Sweet orange essential oil

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