Ula | Protectress Ritual Mist

Ula | Protectress Ritual Mist


A grounding blend of Vetiver, Coriander and Red Cedar. This mist has notes of damp earth, sweet resin and wood.  Yarrow flower essence is added to provide energetic protection.  The Protectress is about strength, intuition and sensitivity.  She helps you feel surefooted on your energetic edges and keeps your boundaries healthy (so you can engage in the world but not take on the energy of others that is not meant for you).  Aromatherapy is powerful, especially combined with clear intentions and our awareness.  Use this atmosphere ritual mist to shift the mood and energy in your space. The Protectress is inspired by the beautiful work of artist Aidan Koch.

Directions: Set intentions, shake well and mist.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Yarrow Flower Essence, Essential Oil Blend.

2oz glass bottle with mister top.

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