Winter Flannel Wood Wick Candle

Winter Flannel Wood Wick Candle


Winter Flannel is silver birch leaves and crisp ozonic notes followed by pine cone, geraniums, and a dry base of vetiver and sandalwood. A very fresh, woodsy scent.

  • Packaged in custom drawstring bag 
  • American grown soy wax 
  • 9 oz candles, burn time of 70+ hours
  •  come in a straight sided glass jar with a gold metal lid. 

Wood Wick Care
When you light your candle for the first time, we recommend burning until a full melt pool has been reached. This will prevent tunneling and increase the burn time of your candle. Soy wax is considered a memory wax, and will only burn to the point of the initial burn.

After every burn, once the wax has cooled use your fingers to break off the top burnt part of the wick. A wick that is not trimmed may create burning issues.

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