Claggie | Fragrance 03 Fresh

Claggie | Fragrance 03 Fresh


Fragrance 03 features a fresh scent of vetiver, lavender, sage, and mryyh.  and behind the ears. Perfect size to throw in your purchase and apply whenever you need a bit of a pick me up. Made from high quality oils which ensures the scent will stay on for hours! 

  • 15 ml
  • Roller fragrance in glass bottle 
  • Made in Los Angeles, California 
  • Made from Essential Oils + Fractionated Coconut Oil (stable, will not harden from cold) 


Kristine began making her own essential oil fragrances for herself as she found she was sensitive to many perfumes and needed a solution. She developed three scents that not only smell amazing but offer wonderful aromatherapy benefits. 


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