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Savannah Watson was inspired to explore a craft she could produce on her own. This decision lead her to jewelry design, launching Merewif in 2012. Meaning “sea witch” in Old English, Watson wanted the name of her line to reflect her endless love of nature’s textures and movements. Primarily self-taught, she credits her success partly to launching her line without industry influence. “The thing I love about running Merewif is that I can indulge a range of other creative interests like graphic and web design, even furniture making for tradeshow displays.”

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Dani Kenney

The DANI KENNEY brand was inspired and created from a place of necessity and love. When Dani became pregnant, she found limited resources for the kind of information and pregnancy-safe products that she sought. There was a lot of conflicting information out there, as well as a plethora of great natural products whose safety during pregnancy was questionable. Because a lot of essential oils and products can be harmful during pregnancy, Dani created a line that does the guess work for you. All of her products that get absorbed into the skin are pregnancy-safe after the first trimester-- and many are safe in all trimesters. She annoyed her friend who is getting her Master's Degree in herbalism, asking her far too many questions, to make sure you get the safest items for pregnancy. Dani aimed to make a brand of natural body products more simplified and more beautiful for mothers everywhere. Dani launched this lifestyle website as a means of combining each of her passions for all creative wellness arts. She wanted to have a space to share her love for organic living products, healthy food, sustainable design and fashion-- and even the finest creative art of all-- bringing souls into this world. As a new mama-to-be, her passions have naturally fallen together into where she believes she is meant to be of best service.

Janet Yang

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Arthur Smith

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Sara Nowak

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