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Easy to Breathe Ceramics

Each Moon Mug is carefully hand crafted by Mariana in her Ojai, California studio. Easy To Breathe is driven from a gratification of creating stories + objects and giving them a purpose + function. Curated is a collection where visual tales, travel inspiration and small batch ceramics come together.


Aydry & Co

AYDRY & Co. is a LA-based brand that presents handcrafted candles and beauty goods with a sophisticated blend of natural and luxury. The creative director, Japanese born, AYU Carlton' s philosophy; high quality - organic & vegan - modern & minimal - simplicity, reflecting her own formula and design. Her sophisticated sensibility has applied in every step of developing the brand. 


Bolga Shopper Baskets

Artisans in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana weave these beautiful and durable baskets from thick, tough elephant grass. A popular choice among green shoppers, busy mothers and picnic planners worldwide, Bolga baskets stand up to use daily and remain functional and beautiful for years.